Raw Raspberry Blossom Honey

This raspberry honey 16 oz is produced from the flowering canes of red raspberries and surrounding flowering wild blackberries. This is some of the northwest's finest honey. It is sweet and mild with a pleasing hint of raspberry. Enjoy!
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Organic Raw Wildflower-Berry Honey

Organic Wildflower Berry Honey 16 oz is an accurate description of just what kind of plants the bees visited. The bees range can be up to a 200 mile radius, and include many wildflowers and berry flowers within that local area. The Organic Wildflower Berry honey can be anywhere from medium dark t...
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Orange Blossom Honey

Orange blossom honey 16 oz is a medium amber color with an aroma of fresh orange blossoms, left in its own natural raw state. Orange blossom, like all raw honey, will sugar or granulate in time but just needs to be warmed to reliquify.
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Raw Clover Honey

Raw Honey 16 oz in it's natural state, varies in color and flavor with each small, hand extracted batch. The color of the honey is directly related to the kind of flowers the bees have been visiting. Clover honey is very light colored (often called “white” honey) and is very mild.
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