Real Salt

Since Real Salt is a natural product the analysis may vary slightly. Below is a summary of analyses taken over the past several years: Sodium Avg. Chloride 98.32% Calcium .40% Potassium .12% Sulfur .11% Magnesium .10% Iron .06% Phosphorus .05% Iodine .002% Manganese .0015% Copper .001% Zinc .0006...

Bay Leaves, Whole 4oz

Bay Leaves, Whole

Country of origin: Turkey

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Peppercorns, Black, Whole 4oz

Peppercorns, Black, Whole

Country of origin: Indonesia

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Paprika, Ground, Hungarian 4oz

Paprika, Ground, Hungarian
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Cinnamon Powder 4oz

Cinnamon Powder
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Cumin seed Powder 4oz

Cumin seed Powder
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Turmeric Ground 4oz

Turmeric Ground
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Whole Cumin Seed 4oz

Cumin seeds, as marketed, are yellowish-brown in color, elongated oval seeds. Cumin as a strong, aromatic smell, and a somewhat bitter taste. a.. Gluten Free b.. Non-GMO c.. Kosher d.. No MSG e.. This product has not been Irradiated Country of Origin: India Storage Clim...
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Garlic Granules 4oz

Garlic Granules
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Oregano Leaves (cut & sifted) 4oz

Oregano Leaves (cut & sifted)
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Chili Powder, Mild/Medium 4oz

Chili Powder, Mild/Medium
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Cinnamon Sticks, 3" cut 4oz

Cinnamon Sticks, 3" cut
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